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      Sun Paper from the east shines all over the world

      Introduction of Laos

      Lao people's democratic republic: the land area of 236,800 square kilometers. Landlocked countries of northern Laos is located in the central south peninsula, north China, Cambodia and Vietnam in the east in the south, northwest of Burma, adjacent southwest of Thailand.

      First-phase planning.

      A 100,000-hectare pulp forest

      In August 2010, Sun Paper Holding Laos Co., Ltd., a whollyowned-nded subsidiary under Sun Paper, was formed. In October that year, the advanced breeding base and highlevel living base in Laos' Savannakhet Province that cost USD3 million were put into operation. A year later, the high-standard and modern tissue culture works with the annual production capacity of 10 million  trees was put into use.

      The second phase.

      A 400,000-ton chemical pulp project was invested

      At present, Sun Paper's "forest-pulp-paper integration" project in Laos is making smooth progress. The planting of fast-growing woods there is as good as that in South American countries like Brazil and the trees have entered the felling cycle successively. In the second half of 2016, Sun Paper will launch the 400,000-ton chemical pulp project, and a 200,000-ton chemical pulp production line will be built first. The project will secure raw materials and further mitigate the impact caused by the price cycle of raw materials and the anti-dumping risks.

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