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      ceaseless pursuit for better quality, best choice for premium printing

      Please select from the following Cultural paper products:

      • Coated paper
      • Offset paper
      • Light-weight paper

      cultural paper mainly includes coated paper, offset paper and light-weight paper. Coated paper, also known as coated printing paper, is premium printing paper made from base paper with white coating and is mainly used as cover and illustrations for high-class books and periodicals, colored pictures, upscale advertisements, samples, goods packages and trademarks. Offset paper is suitable for high-speed sheet-fed offset printing and commercial rotary printing, and is mainly used for offset-printed books, textbooks, periodicals, notebooks, covers, colored pictorials, illustrations, colored pictures, advertising brochures, trademarks and product manuals. Light-weight paper features high bulk, thickness, high whiteness, good visual effect, good printing color restoration, and eyesight protection. It is mainly used to print books, periodicals, classic books and biographies. 

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